The best addressee for a dog

Unfortunately, our pets may get lost and their search may not be successful. But to help find your pet, being away from him, you need to attach an addressee to his collar, where you specify the phone number to contact you. Then the person who found your four-legged friend will return it to you. But which one is better to choose.

The addressee can be made with your own hands using molds for resin. Such an addressee will not rust, and you will be able to make it unique and inimitable.

You can buy ready-made in the store by ordering an engraving in it. It is better to choose stainless steel. It can be engraved on both sides, and it will not disappear over the years.

If you buy an aluminum tag, it will be easy to take care of it.

Image by Blue Bird from Pexels

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