Bangkok Rat Control

Where do rats come from in the house?

Mice and rats appearance in the house is comparable to a real disaster. They settle in the house in autumn. They also want to hide from the cold and settle down for winter in warmth and comfort. In addition, they begin to acquire offspring in the fall. Rodents spoil walls, furniture, and destroy food supplies. In addition, they are carriers of many diseases and parasites.

Therefore, such “tenants” should not be either in the house or in outbuildings. What are the means to solve the problem? You can cope with the problem yourself: set traps, buy poisonous drugs, but it is easier to call a specialist – Bangkok Rat Control – who will quickly and efficiently “clean” your house from unwanted guests.

In addition to professional methods of destroying rodents, one of the main conditions for successful control is maintaining cleanliness and storing food supplies in places inaccessible to mice.

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