Dachshunds and chewing

Dachshunds and chewing

Dachshunds like to chew; some more than others. If you have a chewer, it’s best to nip-it-in-the-bud early! At 8 to 12 weeks, just as toddlers explore with their hands and fingers, puppies like to explore with their mouths. Therefore, it is important to provide him or her with lots of safe and chewable toys.

Whenever the puppy wants to play with you, instead of encouraging it to chew on your hand, pick up a play toy and start playing with the toy instead of your fingers! One thing you have to understand is if you allow your puppy to chew on your fingers, then that teaches the dog it is okay and when your friends or others show affection toward it, it will do the same because your puppy won’t know the difference.

Like any dog breed, there are some Dachshunds who chew more than others do. If your Dachshund happens to be a chewer, then make sure you have well-placed chew toys available to grab when she starts chewing on your fingers. And believe it or not, he or she may not be interested in the chew toys you have bought for them in the past, so experience with several different types of chew toys. For example, pigs hoofs. You can get them in most pet stores. In sum, keep chew toys at your fingertips at all times. Using a chew toy to play with her will encourage her to chew on the toy and not your fingers! And when you see her chew the toy, heap on the praise!!! “Good girl, Peanuts, good boy, Oscar!!!” And more importantly, be consistent!

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